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Newfoundland Design Associates Ltd.
Bally Rou Place
370 Torbay Road
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1A 3W8

Telephone: 709-726-4490
Telefax: 709-726-4499

About Us

Our Background - Solid Growth and Experience
Since its founding in 1963, Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has built a seasoned and versatile team of professional engineers and technical staff who are playing a significant part in meeting the challenges of growth and development in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The firm's track record of combining versatility with consistently high quality in the planning, engineering and management of a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary projects is quite remarkable. It stems from sound overview and an experience-based approach which carefully assesses client needs and applies the most appropriate state-of-the-art engineering and related technologies to each project.

Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has built its reputation and continues to do so on projects for clients ranging from small municipalities to cities, from small companies to large corporations, also major institutions, government departments and industrial organizations. The latter include multi-national consortia.

Although the continuing growth and track record of the company is demonstrated each year by its many new clients and projects, the members of the firm take particular pride in the clients who repeatedly return for other projects. Many of these have been clients of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited since the firm was founded.

Our Approach - Teamwork and Service
It is the philosophy of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited that all successful projects are carried out by teamwork and the client is the most important member of the team. He represents the owner who will make the investment in the project and deserves lasting value and fair return on that investment.

Among the first objectives of the firm is completion on time and within budget, whether the assignment is large or small. Sound projects derive from sound planning and feasibility analysis. Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has been in the forefront of leading multi-disciplinary teams for the planning, as well as the design and management of major capital projects in Newfoundland. Equal pride and attention is given to professional services to small clients.
The firm's policy is to provide each client close personalized involvement by senior personnel within the company so as to be better able to relate to all of the issues and to solve problems within their broader context.

Our Future - More Challenge and Advancement
The people of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited look back with pride at their achievements and look ahead with confidence and anticipation to the challenges of the future. In the exciting field of consulting professional engineering, every day in our changing world brings new challenges and new problems to be solved. The firm is therefore wary of the automatic application of standard approaches in these times when technologies can quickly become obsolete and it continually seeks and examines new methods and solutions to best meet the client's needs.

The character of the firm has been honed in a region where thrift and care for the fragile environment have evolve out of necessity and are innate characteristics of the people. Investments must be made wisely and therefore planning and design must always be both cost-effective and environmentally sound.

The people of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited are people of the North Atlantic who are sensitized to be continually attuned to the realities and complexities of engineering for adverse and even hostile environments. Therefore they are able to deal with the engineering and management of projects in any climate. In looking to the future, it is the aspiration of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited to continually refine the firm's skills and expand its capabilities in planning, engineering and management for infrastructure development and major projects in Newfoundland and Labrador. While doing so, it will also look abroad for suitable opportunities of wider horizon to expand its business of applying appropriate engineering technology for the advancement of human well-being.