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Newfoundland Design Associates Ltd.
Bally Rou Place
370 Torbay Road
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1A 3W8

Telephone: 709-726-4490
Telefax: 709-726-4499

Our Assets

Our Assets:  People + Engineering Technology

The stable growth, accomplishments and eminence of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited testify to the quality of the company's human resources. The total staff of thirty-seven includes twelve professional engineers supported by a permanent staff of technologists, technicians, drafts-persons, field and administrative staff, all of whom have brought their previous experience to the firm and have shared a wealth of experience in the projects which the firm has carried out.

The exceptional stability of the firm in personnel has contributed significantly to its depth of experience and continuity of knowledge about each client's needs.

To foster technology transfer from developments beyond the provincial experience and to ensure that the leading edge of new technology in each engineering field is available to its clients, Newfoundland Design Associates Limited has formed excellent working arrangements with eminent specialist firms operating nationally and internationally. These arrangements are soundly founded upon personal relationships as well as upon professional and business interests.

All in all, a wide spectrum of world-class engineering technology is available to the clients of Newfoundland Design Associates Limited through its in-house expertise, its specialist associates and its joint venture capabilities.